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Under Montana Skies

This DVD was filmed in southeastern Montana during the summer of 2006. Inspired by a buck he saw at the end of the 2005 hunting season, Skip Peterson returns to the ranch, to capture footage of this buck as he grew his new set of antlers.

Join Skip as he documents the wildlife along the Little Missouri river. Witness an extremely rare video of a whitetail doe trying to kill a mule deer fawn. See a hawk nest on the ground and observe the chicks as they grow from fledglings to young adults.

This DVD has it all, from whitetail and mule deer to antelope, from cactus blooms to western grasses, from wild turkeys to sand- pipers and from beavers feeding to fish swimming. Experience the sheer beauty of a Montana sunset.

This is a true wildlife video, set to music and narration. It is something the whole family can enjoy, toddlers especially love it. Come delight in the spectacular beauty of “Under Montana Skies”

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Under Montana Skies - Price: $12.00


Coconino Dreaming

“Coconino Dreaming” is a story about two friends that were successfully drawn for archery bull elk tags in Arizona. The Coconino is the name of the National Forest where the hunt took place. It took six years of applying to draw these lottery tags, and six years of hoping, wishing and dreaming. This video is a visible docudrama of the day to day trials and tribulations of their eight-day hunt.

Come on along as Arnie Crum and Lee Leathers pursue trophy bull elk with outfitter and guide - Barry Sweigart. This DVD has incredible elk footage. Envision hundreds of elk on the Serengeti of Arizona. See big bulls fighting, gathering cows and trying to keep their cows as other big bulls try to steal them away. The audio track of the video brings an array of bugles, screams and squeals that is over the top.

Be amazed as a solid 6X6 comes to within 7 yards of the cameraman - Skip Peterson. Revel in the moment as Arnie connects on a 329 Pope and Young bull. Celebrate the volume that is clearly “Coconino Dreaming”

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Coconino Dreaming - Price: $12.00


Under Montana Skies - The Hunts

This is a following up DVD to “Under Montana Skies.” The story continues with the start of the bow season and takes the viewer through to the end of the gun season. Follow Skip as he tries to harvest a buck he named Matumba.

Highlights of this DVD include rattling sequences that show bucks running into the horns. Dave Steiner shoots a 145-class buck at 37 yards. Skip videos himself harvesting a big mature eight pointer.

This DVD keeps to the same story line that Skip Enterprises is known for, a daily journal of wildlife activities. This is not your standard hunting video. It’s a wildlife film where we happen to harvest some animals.

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Under Montana Skies - The Hunts - Price: $12.00



Diaries of a Madman

This DVD chronicles one man and 30 days of hunting turkeys. Come on along with Skip Peterson and see what it takes to chase wild turkeys every day. The DVD was filmed in southwestern Wisconsin, northeastern Iowa and northwestern Nebraska.

Skip and his friends harvest 12 turkeys on this DVD. Outstanding footage includes, John Crook shooting a 25 pounder with his bow. 12-year-old Ryan Schwartz makes an incredible shot as the turkey is about out of range. Shelly Eno, on the first day, of her first hunt ever, shoots a tom at 12 yards that has 1 5/8 spurs. Skip Peterson videos himself shooting two birds at close range. Jeno Schwartz with a mighty close call with her bow. I could go on and on. All of the footage is great, I am really proud of this one.

Enjoy watching the vegetation change from the beginning of the season to the end. Turkey hunting has always been my cure for cabin fever. Relive your fondest memories through the “Diaries of a Madman”

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Diaries of a Madman - Price: $12.00


Bear Emotion

“Bear Emotion” follows a story line much like a soap opera. The scenes jump from bait station to bait station throughout the days as six hunters all try to score on a bear. Five use archery gear while the youth hunter uses a gun. All of the footage takes place in northwern Wisconsin during the 2006 hunt.

Learn about the baiting process and how stand sites are selected. See the type of bait used and what it takes to run the baits. The first day of hunting, 5 hunters, saw 18 bears. In the end, 6 days of hunting, with 16 hunter days, 32 bears were seen. All the hunters made shots, 5 of them tagged bears.

Be there, as a bear climbs the tree John Crook and Skip Peterson are sitting in. Watch young Jacob Johnson, harvest a bear while his parents sit 50 yards behind him. Witness Brian Hood make a near perfect shot and feel the sorrow of a non recovery.

This video is for those with the do-it yourself attitude. It is about the journey of the bear hunt, the camaraderie of the bear camp and the highs and lows of “Bear Emotion”

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Bear Emotion - Price: $12.00


The Turkenator (Re-Mastered)

This is the video that started it all. Originally produced in 1999 this was Skip’s first commercial production. It features 13 successful hunts. It is now re-mastered with digital effects and never before seen footage. Skip has always believed, that if you pay for the video you should not be subjected to a commercial. This DVD is no different. There is nothing staged, nothing inserted, just pure unaltered footage as it happens.

This video is the result of Skip Peterson following his friends around with his video camera and his very special decoy. When applied to a good set up, this decoy produces amazing results with very little calling. The newly added footage shows how to fool the decoy shy gobblers. This was to be on the Turkenator Two video that never really happened. So now you get them both on one Turkenator DVD.

Filmed in the wilds of southwest Wisconsin this video is 6 years in the making. These 90 minutes are jam packed with spectacular turkey footage that will keep you, the viewer, glued to your seat. No potty breaks here folks! This is it, whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just starting out, this video has something for everyone.

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The Turkenator (Re-Mastered) - Price: $12.00