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The Photo Fan (Patent Pending)

Photo Fan is a very versatile turkey fan display tool

When turkey hunting alone it is often difficult to get good field photos. Most camera’s have a self-timer of 10 seconds. By the time you trigger the camera, get behind the turkey, position the turkey’s fan and prepare for the photo, the camera has already taken the picture. Photo Fan is a great aid to help even the inexperienced get the perfect picture, every time. The Photo Fan clips to the outer quills of the fan and securely holds the tail into a full fan display. This gives the hunter time to get into position, hold their weapon, lift up on the tail and pose.

I soon realized, by snapping Photo Fan onto the quills of the turkey tail that this works really well for the taxidermy end of mounting turkey tails.

I like to mount my turkey’s tail with all of the pretty iridescence back feathers. I cut the tail off and skin the turkey all the way down to the base of the neck. This is called the cape. I then attach the beard to the bottom of the cape. The challenge has always been, how to mount this to the wall? With Photo Fan, you can clip it to the quills during the drying process and then use Photo Fan to attach your tail feather display to the wall. It comes with a DVD that shows you how.

Photo Fan can be used with most commercial tom decoys as well. Snap Photo Fan onto the turkey’s tail, then attach it to the decoy. You now have the most realistic tom turkey decoy ever. Nothing beats the real thing.

So with Photo Fan you get a tool for field photos, taxidermy and a decoy aide all in one. It is packaged with a 90 minute DVD that has 5 turkey hunts, step by step turkey tail taxidermy and taking your bird from the field to the freezer all for $14.95 /shipping, handling and tax is included!

The Photo Fan - Price $14.95


The Photo Fan in Bulk

As I travel from sport show to sport show it has become apparent that some of you would like to buy the “Photo Fan” in bulk, without the DVD. The DVD that is packaged with the Photo Fan is entertaining with 5 terrific hunts and educational with step by step turkey tail taxidermy. It really is, a must see DVD! If you have already purchased the Photo Fan/DVD combo, I can see where there is a need for a “Photo Fan” only package.

We will offer three different packages, The Three Pack, The Five Pack and The Taxidermy Special which has 10 of them. As always, the prices do include shipping and handling.


The Three Pack - $14.95


The Five Pack - $19.95


The Ten Pack - $34.95


Trophy Skull Hanger

A European Skull Display

The Trophy Skull Hanger mounts to the stud in the interior of your walls. The skull is then inserted through the brain hole onto the hanger. This gives you a secure way to display your European skull mount to the wall.

This is a really good product that fits in with my turkey tail fan display product line. The common thread between the Trophy Skull Hangers, Photo Fan and Display Fan is that the holding device is hidden behind the mount. It is also an inexpensive way to display your mounts.

The kit comes with everything needed to attach your European skull mount to the wall.

Trophy Skull Hanger - Price $12.50


The Rock Steady Tree Arm

Thank you for your interest in the Rock Steady Tree Arm. I have listed some of the features below that separates us from the rest.

The base has a dovetail system that allows the leveling connection to lock into it. The base weighs in at just under 2 pounds and has a hands-free slot to help position the base while your strapping it to the tree. The prongs on the base are 3 inches long to give you additional bark grabbing ability. The strap is then sandwiched between the main base and a cover plate. This gives the strap more surface area to pull down on. This system also allows you to position the ratchet where you want it. The ratchet strap is rated to 1660 pounds and weighs 3 pounds.

The leveling connection will give you adjustment for 20 degrees up and down and 25 degrees left and right. The left to right adjustment has a center dowel pin pivot and the contact area is thinned down and knurled to give extra gripping power. The two die cast adjustable handle rotate to any position - just pull them outward and place them where you want them. Super smooth adjustment up and down with the sleeved aluminum turnbuckle. The whole leveling connection folds up to 3" X 12" for easy packing to and from the field. You can also leave the bottom connected to the base and fold it up with the base. The leveling connection weighs 3 pounds.

The arm section is two 1" X 2" aluminum tubes connected with one joint. It is available as a 3/8 stud, 75mm bowl or 100mm bowl. Bowl mounts are additional cost, the price of the bowl. All connections are with a 5/8 harden and ground shaft. The shafts are slid into black delrin sleeves for a smooth quiet action. The arm also comes with a bubble level at the connecting end. The weight can range between 3.2 and 3.6 pound depending on the mount used.

The Rock Steady Tree Arm has no welded parts, the parts are precision machined to the inside of the tubes then pinned and bolted. They are press fit to the tube before pinning for a solid joint. The camouflaged, anodized finish on all the aluminum parts really puts this arm into another class. The Rock Steady Tree Arm total weight is between 11.2 and 11.6 with the strap and again depending on the mount used. It comes with a gear bag for easy transit in and out of the woods. You can also purchase additional bases to leave at your sets, just lock in your leveling connection and your ready to lay down some “Rock Steady” footage.

The base is 3" X 4.5" X 10"

The leveling connection is 3" X 3" X 12"

The arm is two 1" X 2" X 16.5", fully extended to the center of attachment is 34"

I rate the load capacity at 25 pounds

The Rock Steady Tree Arm - Price $600.00