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Driese’s Custom Knives and Gun Works

Driese Knives are hand crafted by Butch Driese of Hillpoint Wisconsin. Butch, a machinist by trade, has been building knives since the mid 1980's. The handles are authentic whitetail, mule deer or elk antlers that are shed annually. They are accented with 306 solid brass or bronze front and back. The handle feels extremely comfortable to the grip. The blades are cut from hot rolled and then annealed ATS 34 Stainless steel flat stock. They are then hollow ground and heat treated to a 58-60 Rockwell hardness. The blades are resistant to corrosion and stains. Finally, the blade is sharpened to a hair splitting razor that really holds an edge.

Driese Knives are known for their artistical appeal as much as their functionality. A Driese Knife is a treasure that will be handed down to your future generations. Prices range from $50 to $250 for a single knife with sheath and $350 to $750 for a steak knife set, either in an antler stand or an antler wall display.

Driese’s Custom Gun Work is your one stop, weapon repair shop. We can do it all, from muzzle brakes to trigger work, from blueing to custom stocks. You can even have a complete rifle made.

Call Butch at (608) 986-4331 on pricing for all your knife and gun work needs.

The Steak Knife 4 Piece Set - $350.00



The Steak Knife 6 Piece Set - $500.00



The Steak Knife 8 Piece Set - $750.00



The Pelting Knife - $50.00


The Fillet Knife - $100.00


The Key Hole Knife - $125.00




The Hunting Knife - $150.00




The Sharp Finger Knife - $150.00




The Gut Hook Knife - $150.00




The Bowie Knife - $250.00