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Welcome to Skip Enterprises

Skip Enterprises is a business built on Skip Peterson’s love for the great outdoors. Skip Enterprises produces high end hunting and wildlife DVD’s that are nonstop action packed adventures. We have very little standing around talking about things. Each DVD has a story line to follow. Narration is added as an undertone to educate or get a point across. The foundation, is great wildlife footage. Our DVD’s are Really Wild!

Skip Enterprises produces DVD’s that are sponsor free. Hunting is not about the brand name of your equipment. Hunting is about knowing your equipment well and using the space between your ears. When you purchase a Skip Enterprises DVD, it is commercial free.

Another aspect of Skip Enterprises is the hunting products and research & development. Skip has 22 years of machining experience, with most of it being in the prototype area. When there is a need, Skip develops a product to fill it. That is how “Pocket Fan” became reality.

Skip Enterprises does video productions for businesses, trade shows, wedding and special events. Skip will even go on location to film your hunt. Are you planning a hunt of a life time? Create a family heirloom.

Skip Enterprises is about living your dream. Skip left a very good job to pursue his passions in life. Dream on, Dream on, Dream until your Dreams come true.